dying in Houston, Texas


dying in Houston, Texas

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i havent used thsi stupid website in a month ok how the fucj do u do this

uhh helloooo!!! im yumi!!!! im fourteen and a taurus. i like having long walks at the beach with nozomi tojo and dogs

im in a relationship with elliot! my sister is yuzu and i love both of them a lot!!!

im dyslexic so i have problems with replying back and reading a few things. sorry! (im also a bit shy)

my interests as of now are llsif and osomatsu-san. i hate karamatsus eyebrows

im otherkin! im protective over my fictionkin types so please dont follow if you share ids with me.

literally me:

todomatsu matsuno

also me:

shinji ikari

rin hoshizora

haru (tsuritama)

please do follow if you id as any of the matsuno bros except for jyushi and ichi! only if u dont know a todomatsu aa sorry

my friends ids page will be listed later when im sure of who im putting?? for now if u share any ids with my friends/mutuals ill have to decline your request and dm you about it. it isnt only for their sake but for yours too. i dont want anyone feeling invalid!