🌱hello, my name is choromatsu! but you can call me any kin name, im not picky. i honestly have no idea what my gender is, but you can use any pronouns! im currently not dating anyone, but i have a qpp named lilly and i love them so much!

🌲i do not have any professionally diagnosed mental illnesses, but i believe i have some form of anxiety and depression. i dont vent a lot, but please like/comment on my vents if u can

🌴dont follow if: you will not see me as my kins, you are against self diagnosis, are against otherkin, are hatefollowing, or will harass me or my followers

🌵my kins are as followed, please do not make fun of them.

100% me!! (actually me!! please dont follow if u tag someone else as me!): choromatsu matsuno (osomatsu-san), charlotte/nagisa momoe (puella magi madoka magica)

main (dont follow): jaune arc (rwby), araragi tsukihi (monogatari series), mix (sb69), hoshitsuki miki (battle girl highschool)

🌳if you read all of this, please dm me 'pls help me im dieing' so i know u have read this. please dont be offended if i do not except your request!

🍃have a good rest of your day