Ace Matsuno

Student in Topeka, Kansas

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My name is Ace Braden, I'm a DemiGirl and prefer They/Them pronouns on this account since I portray a male character.

I live in Topeka, KS in the USA

I'm 15 and a sophomore in High School, where I participate in mostly Orchestra, Drama, and Art electives.

My "Fandoms" include Osomatsu-San (duh), Homestuck, Mirai Nikki, JJBA, Guro, Pokémon GO (Team Valor), and some more I'm most likely forgetting about some things

Some things you will NOT be seeing from me / things I dislike: Pedophilic ships, Most yaoi and yuri, Impregnantion stuff, Undertale, MLP, Black Butler, Hetalia, extremely bad grammar

I'm an Apathiest, which means I believe there may be a god, but I do not care to devote my life towards him/her. I am Pro-Choice and a Liberal Democrat, for Gun Safety.

I'm Panromantic I guess? Still confused about my sexual orientation lmao, and I have a wonderful amazing beautiful girlfriend. With that in mind, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you guys comment on my cosplay photos and compliment me and roleplay with me and become my friend, but please do not attempt to hit on me c: Odds are if it makes me uncomfortable I will ignore it or delete it.

ALTHOUGH: You can call me cute lil names and stuff such as Senpai, Nii-san, Nee-san, Fav, Bae, I've even gotten Mom a few times lol

If you read this, DM me with a picture of your favorite Anime Character or tell me what your favorite cosplay of mine is!

I may be adding more as I think of more! Thank you for visiting and have an amazing day!