Take care of her costume

This is a topic that always comes up and it's a good thing: each room has a hidden cost of the maintenance . This is even more relevant with the costume! Keeping expensive, it must be all your precautions.

The pressing is simply a must, especially for the jacket and pants that are fragile. Make a first pressing will also set the colors of your pieces which will increase their lifespan.

For outfits worn regularly, here are some tips that will make the company:

•Wash the shirt suit after each port. Remember to remove the whales before.

•Do not wear the same clothes two days in a row.

•If your suit is wrinkled, a simple trick is to hang in your bathroom while you shower, the steam will do the rest!

•If you are doing a task, use local stain and considering the pressing last resort (too much washing wear fabric).

Everything is good?

Traditional, manly, suit vehicle strength and personable man. Remember that it is not a costume or uniform, but also one of the most timeless and most rigorous styles: in addition it can evoke in you, it is great to highlight your figure and presence he gives you. Pleasure to wear, every man who respects himself must one day to get one.