Alex Chow


I work in my city's fire-rescue department, also known as the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Back in school, I was a history major.

In my spare time I go on hare-brained adventures. Mostly the result of me being bored. I like video games, hanging out in bookstores (Kinokuniya in particular), pasta and Indian cuisine.

I tend to have mixed feelings towards things and people. There is a line written about motorcycles that sums up how I feel about life in general: "Motorcycles' joys are inseparable from their treacheries." In other words (or according to my interpretation), its a saying that the risks are worth taking if you have an ideal of happiness.

If you're still with me here, I'd be honoured to invite you on my journey. Metaphorically, if you could read me on my wordpress site. And quite literally, if you would join me some time on the road, or come with me on various other hijinks and shenanigans.

Untill then.

  • Work
    • Fire-rescue
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore