Naheed Chowdhry

CEO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Working across multiple regions and cultures teaches you a lot about what values define and what values tie businesses and people around the globe. I have been fortunate enough to be able to build this knowledge into a management and leadership philosophy that has delivered outstanding growth results in industries as distinct as Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Foods & Beverages and CSR.

It is in this intersection of solution-oriented data analysis and cultural empathy that I thrive. I have achieved this balance by engaging with teams across multiple regions & departments and adopting non-traditional strategies that have fundamentally reshaped marketing and portfolio approaches for Unilever, Mondelez, Groupe Bel, The Hershey Company and ValeantPharmaceuticals.

I have authored a children’s book as well as contributed to the best-selling business book, Driven. I have been appointed to the UN Working Group as a Member for Youth and Gender Equality, and am a Mentor for the QYL (Queen’s Young Leaders) programme. My four wonderful children have always inspired me to look for answers in unexpected places. I’m also amarathon runner, which has taught me to fight towards the goal no matter how tiring it is.


●Global and Regional Marketing

●E-platform development, Strategy

●Multiregional Team Leadership




●Women Empowerment

●Diversity and Inclusion