Sharmaine Villalobos

Poway, California, United States

I was born in Los Angeles County in the state of California. Growing up I had a rather difficult life, as my parents and their parents came from poor living situations in some of the Philippine provinces and Cebu City. I, on the otherhand, was raised in a low-middle class living situation. I was always that spunky, happy-go-lucky kid that wouldn't stop talking at least with people she felt comfortable with. Most of the time in school I was a teacher's pet but I wasn't disliked...I was just very quiet. I started writing darker poetry at the age of 13 and started writing fiction from the early age of 6. I never had any real interest in Fashion until the age of 13 simultaneously putting my interests in the field of Psychology. Even more than singing, fashion, and writing...I developed a passion for video games. That passion led me to start making visual novels, old school arcade rpgs, and fanfiction writing.