Ahmad Sufi Mahmudi

Tehran, Iran

I'm Ahmad Sufi Mahmudi. I was born in Saqiz, a city in Kurdistan province in Iran. My birth date was February 5th 1994. I have two brothers and two sisters. When I was a child, I was affected by my sibilings' books; so from those days I was addicted to books and I had good days in elementary school.

I became 1st in our city's best middle school (Nemooneye Adab) exam. In middle school, my first hobby changed to computer and Internet, but I didn't leave reading books. I knew GNU/Linux when I was 13 (before the 3rd grade of high school). Since that time, I became a free software (and obviously GNU/Linux) lover.

I became 4th in city's best high school (Nemuneye Fajr) exam. I was scared of math and physics in 1st grade, so I chose experimental sciences course (our school had only "math&physics" and "experimental scieces" cources). I was such a mess in those days! And because of that, my science progress was very little, except the 4th grade of high school that is known as the "pre-university".

I should have made myself ready to country-wided university exam, i.e. Konkoor. I studied hard that year (2011-2012) and I started to love 2 lessons that I had hated before: math and physics. I gave my Konkoor (June 29th 2012) very well, almost my best 4 answers exam in that year. I gave two Konkoors in that day! 1st: experimental sciences and 2nd: English.

I became 18th in the region 3 and 206th in the hole country in experimental scieces Konkoor and 4th and 57th in English Konkoor, respectivly region 3 and hole country.

I chose Dentistry at Shahid Beheshti University of Medial Sciences (in Tehran) and now I'm studying in this college.

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