Taylor Choyce

After graduating from Cle Elum, Taylor took the aggressive path through University. After his 2nd year in the physics department at Hathworth-Buddlbee University, Taylor was accepted into the Space program at NASA. He was the 2nd youngest applicant NASA had ever accepted at the time. In late 2006, along with 3 fellow teammates, Taylor brought to the attention of The World Space Organization (WSO) that the planet Pluto did not have the specific qualities that classify it as such. In 2008, after Taylor's finding, Pluto was declassified as a planet. In the midst of his Pluto endeavors, Taylor had the opportunity to accompany 7 other astronauts to the international space station for a 6 month stay. Taylor's specific mission was to monitor the Helios 2 probe. Helios 2 was launched in 1976 and orbits the sun at a top speed of 150,000 mph. It is the fastest man-made object in the history of the world. Taylor returned to earth in March of 2006, and after a 4-month recovery phase, finished the Pluto talks. In late 2008 Taylor had his first nonfiction book published by Pendant Publishing. His work, titled "Journals of a Wandering Mind: The Examination of Western Philosophical Thought" reviewed western philosophical and ethical theories from the time of Thales of Miletus, up until the 19th century philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. However, the majority of the 996 pages of text were dedicated to Zeno's paradoxes, and the Sophists; of which Taylor claims to be a neo version of. Although successful in nonfiction writing, Taylor has vowed to spend the majority of his later 20s writing poems and songs dealing with the topic of happiness, as he one day hopes to achieve it.