Cristina Hoyos, an Artist from Ibague, Colombia, is a postmodern Surrealist who explores themes like “Witness” and "sunsets" through the ubiquitous images of a mysterious eye in the sky that appears in many of her paintings, collages and drawings. Hoyos compositions are "visionary journeys" depicting fragmented figures in metaphysical spaces in luminous colors that enhance her works and adds the poetry that makes Cristina Hoyos an appealing and compelling painter of personal dreamscapes. Hoyos Had Exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Colombia and New York, New Jersey and California and around United states, continue showcasing in Art Walks and Art exhibits in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach in California. Exceptionally she is a multiphacetical and a multiphacetical Artist who adds to her work Poetry, and do face and body painting, murals and faux finishes in interior and exterior decorations.

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