Chriny Vargas-Robinson

Chriny Vargas-Robinson

Chriny has been discribed by those who know her well as:

"Spunky, Vibrant and Strong-Willed"

"Easy going, stylish/fashion forward and cultured"


"Strategic - you have a way of assessing a situation and formulating a process to be executed"

"Charismatic, Personable, Persistent, Unique"

"Strong - meaning you have your own mind"

"Artistic and Committed - You did not stop until the job got done and it always got done well."

"Independent- You marched to the beat of your own drum and never let the negative folks get to you."


"Warm, Welcoming and Sophisticated"

"Fun and Witty"

She is just stepping out as photographer, having previously worked on projects with friends and family. Chriny is looking to expand her portfolio and clientel.