Chris Atkins

Online personal trainer/coach in Orlando, Florida

Hey Guys, You may or may not have heard of me but here's a quick rundown on my background. I'm from Melbourne Australia and I began working out at the age of 14 in my backyard as most people do. Realizing I have a passion for working out and bodybuilding I decided to follow in my parents footsteps and do my first bodybuilding competition at the age of 19. Doing very well over the next couple of years in competition I started to realize my other passion. Wrestling! So after deciding to leave the competitive world of bodybuilding I made the decision to step inside the ropes of a wrestling ring. Having trained in Australia for a few months I decided to pack up and travel across the world to America. Once I got there I received a tryout with the biggest wrestling company in the world. The WWE. Once the tryout was said and done I was accepted and I was on my way to making my dreams a reality. After spending some time in WWE doing things and living the life I could only have ever dreamed of we parted ways. At the age of 28 I ask myself, what's next?

I've leant so much after 14 years in the Iron game and I see so many young people starting out not realizing how to train or have the correct nutrition plan to achieve their own goals so I've decided to start my own online personal training/coaching business to pass on my knowledge for anyone who wants to achieve their own goals in the gym.

And one more thing. I've achieved everything drug free. 100% natural so I'm a living example that it is possible without drugs.

Click on "HIRE ME" to get in contact with me and lets make your dream physique become a reality.