Chris Buckner

Retail Expert, Showroom Manager, and Customer Service Professional in New York, NY

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Chris Buckner, a marketing specialist and customer service expert based in New York City, is involved with a number of philanthropic organizations. He is a champion for equal rights in both his personal and professional life. Chris also searches for methods to improve the human experience. Cooperation with Field of Tulips, a non-profit, ecological greenhouse of locally produced flora, led to innovative and surprising opportunities for his company and community to enjoy flowers' immediate and cheerful impact. One of Chris' unique ideas is joining neighborhood downtown areas to interact with professionals and improve his consumer base.

Chris Buckner has always been a good match for the sales field. He has thrived in the retail industry for almost two decades. Prior to arriving in New York, Chris refined his customer service talents at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, a food co-op that nourished and empowered the Knoxville community.

As a showroom manager, Chris led $1.5 million in sales at the Crate & Barrel flagship store in New York City, ranking first in his area and second overall. As the Store Manager for the Washington, D.C. location for Jonathan Adler Enterprises, Chris Buckner used his interior design talent and natural people skills to increase revenues by $300,000.

Chris also seized the opportunity of the location, with Georgetown being a thriving and populous business district. He joined the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID), establishing a network of other businesses and attracting visitors to Georgetown’s historic design district and over 470 stores, restaurants, and shops. Chris attended community events and increased awareness of the brand. Chris also created a specialized training program for staff that enabled personalized textile projects at the client level. This advancement increased category sales by 60%.

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