Chris Martin

Graphic Design

Creative director for 2 years directing a team of over 20 artist/designers

Graphic designer (16 years)

Web producer 3 years experience 2005-2010 :

WC3 Html /xhtml/css design and implementation since 1996

working knowledge of php and a basic knowledge of python/django

Complex corporate workflow site written in php, developed, and managed for 6 years.

6 years content management for 8 websites

Coordinated design/development for 5 websites

Active in SEO for the last 3 years

Years of experience with:

Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premere Pro)

Zend Studio developement environment

Other experience which augments above stated skills:

management, and production oversight.

Experience in audio productions

Experience in video productions

News research and distribution