Chris Morton

Ind. Business Communications Consultant in Albany, New York

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Like you, I’ve been exposed to problems organizations face every day. This means I can likely empathize with your communications problem. But my being able to clearly see it from the point of view of your clients and prospects is of even greater importance.

For you and your organization I’m able to create, edit, layout, and proofread all types of documents, manuals, marketing collateral, and web content for audiences ranging from physicians to engineers, CTOs to CIOs, developers to operators, and end users across many B2B/B2C realms.

Known for raising the bar throughout my career, I’m well-accustomed to working with executives, project managers, product marketing managers, and subject matter experts to meet tight deadlines.

Leveraging my skills as a technical writer, marketing person, and user experience advocate, I’m a substantive editor, line editor, author, copywriter, ghostwriter, proofreader, and graphic layout artist.

When you choose to work with me, I provide much in the way of real-world business experience. This includes a multi-year stint at Hewlett Packard (Enterprise), in addition to being a marcom director for both a small software and services concern and a medical imaging device startup.

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