Chris Rosenthal

President and Portfolio Manager in Novelty, Ohio

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Chris Rosenthal possesses outstanding leadership skills and decision-making power. He is an ultimate decision maker and lead trader in bond selection for purchases, sales, swaps, and overall portfolio construction.

Chris Rosenthal is resourceful in terms of recognizing and capturing market trends and inefficiencies.

In addition to it, he designed, launched and directly responsible for all content of the firm’s quarterly newsletter.

Chris Rosenthal is quite accustomed to the marketing trends and therefore, he possesses the right knowledge regarding different sectors of the industry. His ability to develop and implement the strategies is simply unmatched.

Chris Rosenthal knows the tricks to disseminate all market shades and direction to clients and professional partnerships. In addition to it, he further gathers and distributes all remarkable data to the investment team, emphasizing on the possible market moving events and how this valuable information can facilitate in the purchase as well as sale opportunities.

Chris Rosenthal possesses a great bonding with all of his clients and he has overseen all the clients’ relationships. He is a pro in terms of designing marketing material used in portfolio reviews for existing as well as prospective client presentations.