Chris Arines

Manila, Philippines

I have been marketing online for quite a while now. I remember signing up for Facebook with my local .edu email (as it was required then) and having no friends as I know no other person in the country who had one.

I have been using tabs on Opera before people decided it is cool on Chrome. I was there when Netscape gave up their browser, took down Propeller (of which I am always in the front page), and made it to the Digg front page when it was still cool.

I had an AIM account, saw the rise and fall of Friendster, has had floppy's, zip disks and was playing with WordStar, Lotus 123 and DOS before Windows was a household name. I have spent hours playing with word based games, using my imagination instead of multi-core graphic processors.

Been around for a while. Never stopped learning, and growing, and making mistakes, and trying again.

This, I believe, is the only way, that I can slowly change the world.

  • Work
    • EnzoKaizen Corp.
  • Education
    • University of the Philippines