Chris Ashby

CURRENT: In my pursuit of understanding technology trends and impacts on businesses, I have been recently focused on the emerging technology companies here in the northwest. With special focus on startups that are innovative, design driven, and who like me have embraced the digital revolution.

We are in an exciting time. 2011 is on track to be an exceptional year for both the established and new companies and ideas coming out of the northwest! Also, we are fortunate that Seattle is home to one of the fastest growing startup communities in the US with a broad range of exceptional talent fostering a culture of support of each other, our family and friends, and our region.

Following is an excerpt from a recent blog by Marcelo Calbucci that captures much of how I feel. “I get asked the question why I’m so devoted to the Seattle Startup community every once in a while. The first few times I gave superficial answers while I searched for the real reason. Last year clarity came to me and it’s quite simple: I do it for me and for my family. I deeply believe in the power of the collective, in the power of people working together to benefit all, but also to benefit themselves as individuals. I want to make an impact in my own life and the only way I know (and believe on) how to do that is by creating a strong ecosystem to support my goals.” From: By: Marcelo Calbucci, Founder of Seattle 2.0 and Seattle Startup Instigator.

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