Chris Brainerd

Albany, OR


I'm a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Public Policy at Oregon State University. While my recent work has been in the fields of statistics, economics, and public policy, I have extensive experience in audio production and editing, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Office, and writing about complex topics for audiences of professionals, experts, and laypeople alike.

In my graduate studies, I have been studying American campaign finance law and its impact on the current partisan atmosphere in Congress. Additionally, I authored a paper on the state of the Oregon budget for the Western Political Science Association's annual publication and gave a presentation on the topic at the WPSA's annual conference in Hollywood. Prior to beginning graduate school, I worked at a major auto finance company. Although I was hired for data entry, I saw the opportunity to make my department more efficient and wrote a small suite of software to expedite the department's workload - by the time I left for graduate school, the four person department had been cut down to three people.

I am currently in the home stretch of grad school, scheduled to graduate in June of 2014. I'm currently searching for post-graduation employment, ideally in a large city and in a policy-related field. If you're a recruiter or otherwise know of potential leads or openings, I'd love it if you'd let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Education
    • Pursuing a MPP at Oregon State University