Chris Cappuccilli

Rolling Meadows, IL

Chris Cappuccilli, CEO of Brown & Joseph, Ltd, a commercial credit and collection firm, played a key role in the founding of Brown & Joseph in 1996. Chris Cappuccilli, having worked in Business Development for several commercial debts recovery agencies, consistently received requests for help from his clients that were outside of the normal company service offerings. Having the solutions but denied the opportunity to respond, Chris Cappuccilli quickly assembled a group of Subject Matter Experts with extensive expertise in Finance, Credit and Collections, Quality Process Control, IT and specific trade experience in Advertising, Transportation, Insurance, Staffing, and Manufacturing and Brown & Joseph, Ltd. was founded.

Chris Cappuccilli was invited to speak at the United States Department of Treasury in Washington at the Government Management Financial Conference in 2010. Chris Cappuccilli continues to spend his time educating employees, clients and others in the credit and collection industry.

"The majority of our clients are looking for more efficient ways to save money as the US economy remains stagnate. We have, and always will, make it a priority to assist our clients in finding solutions to overcome the challenges they face as we develop new ways to help our client base lower their cost and improve efficiency with accounts receivable management," said Chris Cappuccilli, Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Joseph, Ltd. Chris Cappuccilli played a key role in the founding of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

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