Chris Cayer

I am a competitive intelligence specialist, meaning I'm really good at acquiring and analyzing data to find unique or unusual opportunities or risks for my clients. Think of me as your business' elite problem solver, but on a predictive basis - I find them and solve them before you run into them or get your butt out of trouble the best way possible if you run into them first.

Enter.... Reyactive. Reyactive is my boutique agency focused on providing custom and generally applied competitive intelligence solutions to businesses and executives. This has allowed us to offer additional service lines and acquire deep expertise in fields such as Project Management, Marketing, Social Media, Crowdfunding, and Corporate Training. In fact, our courses are the most advanced and up to date of their kind in the world.

Advantage Business Club is a global group of entrepreneurs and business people who know that what they're looking for is a business platform to do business on, with a vibrant and useful side dish of collaborative social media, digital broadcast media and live and online events. From our explosively powerful funding conventions scheduled for 22 cities in 2015 to our soon to be released online business platform and digital media, Advantage Business Club is designed in ways that none of the other platforms truly are- to help business people get better at, and do more, business. From training to crowdfunding, freelancer and project exchanges to business classifieds and video conferencing, Advantage Business Club has the vision, the products, events, networks, and services that will make you and your whole team better.

MainStreets LLC is a media, technology and economic development business leading the way with their first platform suite, 'Cruising66'. From original content to proprietary delivery networks, extensive partner and infrastructure networks to original major sporting events, Cruising66 will entertain you, inspire you, educate you, and help you grow in life, business, and play.