Chris Duran

CTO in Auckland, New Zealand

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Chris is the scientific and technical lead for Biomatters. He is responsible for executive leadership of product and technology teams to ensure alignment of product definition, development, and deployment to Biomatters’ business mission. Chris has a natural talent for identifying industry trends and defining products, at both a technical and functional level, that meet the needs of users in the biotechnology space. He is a charismatic and enthusiastic communicator and is able to explain, and communicate, heavily technical concepts at both the highest and deepest levels. He lives and breathes technology and loves identifying opportunities for innovative product development with a technology focus.

He received a BSc in the fields of Computer Science and Evolutionary Biology, and a PhD in Bioinformatics, both awarded by the University of Queensland, Australia. Chris has over 10 years experience in the genomics industry, having worked and contributed across a spectrum of academic, government and commercial life science entities. He has worked on a number of international projects, working for institutes and companies across the UK, NZ, USA, and Australia. His multi-diciplinary background and international exposure equips Chris well for the challenges of executive leadership in the complex fields of biotechnology, clinical genomics and the life sciences.

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