Chris Folayan

I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Hidden Brains – an emerging IT company in Ahmedabad, India with over a decade’s experience. I am known for thinking outside the box and being a visionary with 15 years of experience. I consider myself to be a go getter who is able to close deals and get customers comfortable in doing business with us. I have the knack for being able to see a project for more than what it is worth and caring for the customer to make sure they know we have their best interest in mind. I am excited about new ideas and projects that boarder the lines of impossible. Projects that push us as a company to do new and great things.

When not working, I love swimming, traveling and I am an avid cyclist. I support various non-profits from local food banks, clothing assistant programs locally to various international support agencies like Compassion. Besides, I am into assisting local homeless shelters, assisting with displaced and abused mothers and their children, and helping the poor both locally and internationally.