Chris Garza

Eugene, Oregon

Raised in Eugene, OR and hate the students, the treehuggers and the stuffy atmosphere (autumn is divine here tho), trying to overcome my past and start a new life elsewhere in the country, been shooting artistic photography of various kinds since 2005 and collecting toy cars since I was a small child.

Currently co-owner of early 2013 upstart automobile blog Insomniac Garage, owner of a deviantART page and group that both have cult popularity, and am a regular contributor to diecast car forum Swifty's Garage.

Current projects include photomanipulating Dixie Square Mall with permission from the original photographers, dressing dark and haunting, and trying to grow extremely long emo hair.

  • Work
    • Currently seeking employment
  • Education
    • University of Oregon GED Testing Center, Class Of 2009