Christopher Daniel Guerrero Ruelas

Student in Colima, México

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My name is Christopher Daniel Guerrero Ruelas, I was born in Colima,Col México, on may 20.

Study in the Bachillerato Técnico No.2 in general area, I like very much study in turn evening, but it´s very hot. I like very much cars and I don´t like motorcycles. I really like go to the beach, but I hate go to concerts. Ilike to play with my friends and I don´t like wash dishes.

The monday I go to swiming, Tuesday I do my homework, Wendesday I go to Taekwondo, Thursday I help in home, Friday I relax all day and Saturday play video games. My hobby is drive and play soccer with my friends.

I always go to the school, somentimes I listen to music, usually I go to the street and never read books.

Every day I go to the school, once a week I go out to spend the dog and twince a week I go to the swiming.