Chris Handy

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A Baton Rouge native and resident, Chris goes to LSU and is studying Political Communication. He has worked at Mang, Bourgeois LLC as a law clerk and is currently the Legal Writing Assistant at the LSU law school. He loves writing, arguing, and politics despite the current condition of political affairs. Chris is currently in the Honors College

Chris's two passions outside of work are running track and racing motocross. His favorite hobbies include music, primarily playing piano and keyboard, and videography and photography. Check out YouTube for those.

Other interests include, food, football, most other sports, cars, things with motors, and traveling. Chris enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, and other things.

Chris is also an avid reader of The Verge and is a major tech enthusiast. He occasionally will write articles on The Verge. He's interested in smartphones, computers, and gaming primarily Microsoft products. Always up for tech discussions of any kind though.

  • Work
    • Legal Writing Assistant at LSU Law School
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University
    • Catholic High School