Chris Hsu

Taiwan, Taipei

Chris Hsu

Taiwan, Taipei

Helllo! Welcome to my website!


I performed my research on wireless sensor network system for large structure health monitoring. The research focused on development of local data processing algorithm as well as mobile networking.


[1] Chia-Hao Hsu, Chih-Ting Lin, Hui-Ping Tseng, Jen-Yu Han “An Implementation of Light-Weight Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Technology in Structure Heath Monitoring”, IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, Seoul, Korea, March 2014.
• Invited to deliver oral presentation

[2] Hui-Ping Tserng, Chih-Ting Lin, Jen-Yu Han, Shi-Ming Wang, Chia-Hao Hsu, and Shu-Yi Lee, “The Development Process Research of Wireless Bridge Vibration Monitoring”, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Hong Kong, May 2013.
(First three authors are advisors.)

• Invited to deliver oral presentation

Research Experience:

- Structure Health Monitoring Project [1, 2]:
• Designed embedded system for sensor node with MSP430 and Cortex M3 using C language.
• Implemented network topology to support 20+ sensor nodes for single root controllers.
• Developed and compared various compression algorithms to reduce transmission payload.
• Built communication protocol to enable long-range transmission for on-site experiment.

- Ad Hoc Wireless Network Implementation:
• Enabled an embedded operating system, eCos, for multi-thread process on sensor node.

• Ported communication modules from Contiki into eCos to realize ad hoc wireless network.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • MS in Electronics Engineering
    • BS in Electrophysics