Chris Isaac

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

My name is Chris Isaac, and I'm a Philadelphia journalist.

I attended Arcadia University where I received my BA in Communications (2014) and now I'm looking for a career in the media field. I want to be at a publication where I have variety in what I cover, but can also write about topics that matter. As obsessed with Kim Kardashian as the world may be, I'd rather cover a topic with more substance.

I enjoy gaming culture, feminism, film and literature, and writing about all of these things. The most prominent stuff I've written that you may know of consists of various articles at USA TODAY College, and most recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer. I currently contribute to The Mary Sue, where I've done pieces examining gender politics in games and TV, and have gotten to interview people such as Lauren Faust (The Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). I'm also writing both fictional and scholarly work that I hope will see the light of day by 2016.

Feel free to contact me via any of the methods below, or if you'd just like to check out other things I've written.

  • Education
    • Arcadia University