Chris So

I was born on March 2nd, 1993 in Osaka Japan. My family and I moved back to South Korean in 1994. I attended Kindergarten in South Korea prior to moving to the States. Being unbelievers upon moving to the States, a family friend introduced us to Christianity. Ever since then, our faith hasn't been shaken nor was it diminished. We continue to be faithful to the Lord as He shows us His faithfulness.

Before attending Biola University and moving to Southern California, I used to live in Dublin that is in Northern California. There, I attended Crossway Church, which is located in Hayward. I have learned and God stirred up a passion in my heart for ministry. My youth group leader then, first talked to me about going into ministry and my heart was aligned with the Lord's heart, which resulted in myself pursuing ministry. Upon moving to Southern California, I checked out many local churches, but finally settled into His Church in Downtown Los Angeles. Today, I am the head leader for the youth group at His Church and words cannot express how privileged and thankful I am. I am continuing to learn something that I would never have been able to experience at a big congregation church.

My heart for ministry has never yet been so immense. The Lord is giving me a heart for the youth, which is, I believe the most important moments in their spiritual life and journey with God. The Lord has instilled in me the gift to teach and give words of encouragement. This is beneficial to the ministry.

I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me and I am ready for the ride!