Chris julian

Small Business Owner and Social Media Manager in Meridian, Idaho

Chris julian

Small Business Owner and Social Media Manager in Meridian, Idaho

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As a recently retired Registered Nurse, I can share with you that I had many interesting, compassionate, challenging experiences with people across the spectrum of humanity. And though they varied widely, I continued to learn how alike people are ..We all need someone to listen to us, to understand us, and to care about us.

Before I retired as a Nurse, I knew my retirement income would not stretch as far I knew I'd like it to.

So my journey began with online marketing. And I took much of my experience as a nurse with me.

Because I am a "forever student", I continue to update my digital marketing skills, and leadership training, and personal development so I can best serve others

I am fueled by my passion to help other online leaders in leadership training

Now I bring the compassion, the caring I knew as a nurse, to my new career as an online business professional.

Weekends find me trying to keep up with my busy toddler grandson. So keeping healthy and strong is always on my agenda of things to learn!

I love to quilt ..but will not claim I am a "quilter"..reserving that title for those dedicated women( mostly!) who are so much more skilled than I !

Keeping up with social media is also something I love..and thoroughly enjoy working with others who are building their businesses online.

I’ve been building my online business for 5 years

And remain actively involved with Social Media on a Daily Basis

which allows me to Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Things

In this constantly evolving environment!

SO..If you’re curious about What’s Working Now

And which Strategies you should use in Your Business… Let’s Talk!