Christopher Longmire

modeling and acting in Muskegon, Michigan, United States

Ever notice the summers seemed to be a little bit hotter after the year of 1990? Thats because a star like no other was birthed to light up your runways, tv's and magazines. Chris Longmire, blessed to Eva and Wardell Longmire in the late summer of 1990 is America's new "go to guy". Although the last of seven siblings, Chris is by far the weakest link. Driven by the love and blessing of his family and his faith in a Higher Being, Chris is equipped with not only strength but also the agility to maintain and become great in the modeling/acting/entertainment industry. What might this young man on fire have to offer you might ask? Currently a human service and psychology major, Mr. Longmire is a community oriented individual who believe's he can change the world one person at a time. Coming up in an urban community where he didnt have much has made Chris not only a caring man, but just as much as ambitious and courageous. He live’s by the motto “You get back what you put in” and this man knows all about putting in. Throughout his modeling career he has captivated the camera with his natural fashion sense as well as his charm. And if you think it stops there ladies, YOU’RE WRONG. Chris is a bachelor who’s interest is sparked by a good wholesome woman who is loving, caring, strong, loyal and who can burn in the kitchen. Chris stands 5”11, 145lbs, brown eyes and black hair. Chris is a “man with God plan’s” looking to take this industry by storm. Be on the look out for this face appearing in your everday dosage of entertainment.
For booking contact:
Christopher Longmire via email or phone:
(231) 286-7875

  • Work
    • V.Y.i.P Management
  • Education
    • Baker College of Muskegon