Christian Norfleet

Fast tracking my way into the technology industry, I began my career as a systems administrator in The Air Force. A natural talent with information technology propelled me to master the various duties (network admin, systems admin, tech support, and systems analysis). Wanting to expand my horizons I wished to break free of government supervision and start a life of my own. I worked as a call center rep for AT&T; (formally Cingular Wireless) for 2 years manning the phones eight hours a day. This further pushed my expertise in troubleshooting to new hights. Earning many accolades and achievements (highest total resolution and outstanding customer service awards to name a couple) a hiring freeze was set creating a glass ceiling for advancement. I was then presented with a great opportunity to work for a new third party call center. Entering as a call rep I quickly made a name for my self given my prior experience and caught the eye of The President of the company. Not too long after I was approached by the lead projects manager and offered a position as a Quality Assurance team member.