Christopher Parker

I am currently a Sophomore with Mercy College's Business Honors Program. I have ambitions to become an Investment Banker on wall-street. I consider my self to be a Red/Gold in emotional intelligence, Meaning i'm a hard working, get stuff gone type of guy. Along with that, I am also very cooperative in nature, and will accommodate to any problem or concern another individual expresses to me to the best of my ability. An area of improvement comes from the ability to adjust my strengths to my co-workers and colleagues weaknesses. It is one thing to have a team comprised of each color, but it is another for a dominate red to be able to communicate clearly and execute correctly with the other colors. Some of my hobbies include cars, history, and business. With cars it is not just the shape and look of the car. It is the pedigree behind the vehicle that to me makes it great to me. You can put 800hp in a Kia, but it doesn't have the history of trial and error, and determination to endure like a car from say Porsche (my favorite brand). History. History is the proof of existence. It is what we were. It does tend to repeat itself so in my eyes being able to retain as much information as possible to be sure I do not find my self in another dark age, and learning of certain events that changed the world forever is something very powerful. While being a member of the Business Honor's Program, we have had the opporunity to visit multiple executive offices and businesses. One in particular, a Goldman Sachs shadow program, I was able to see the operations of their wealth managment sector. The dollar value of every portfolio managed there left me in complete awe. I want to get to an executive place where if in their position, I can do everything I possibly can to ensure that my clients are as happy as possible. When dealing with hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, makes me so hungry and excited for an opportunity such as that. And I know when I get there, I will do everything morally and physically possible to make them confident in my services.

Core values:



Be Humble

An explination to my quote,

Many people live their lives in fear. Certain words and actions affect other while certain things may just pass them by. Remember that "beauty", self beauty, and percieved beauty, is completely in your eyes.

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