Chris Page

Student, Writer, and Teacher in Athens, Georgia

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In eighth grade believe it or not, it all clicked for me. The man on stage explained how much faith we had in a chair every time we sat down and trusted it to not collapse. He then encouraged us to trust Jesus as much as we do a simple chair. I was still young, but The Lord gave me ears to hear and eyes to see the love Has for me and His children. I learned that we are to call God Abba,which means Dad. The God of the universe, creator of all, and I am allowed to call Him Dad. Wow. That truly wrecked my heart. Since then, I have been following Jesus and my life has been radically changed. Although I have been FAR from perfect I my efforts to love God and love the people around me, Jesus remained faithful in helping me. He does not condemn, but rather embraces me into His arms by His loving kindness. Before Jesus, I was lonely and depressed (even though I was surrounded by people and my life was great according to all standards). However, after I began a relationship with Christ, He filled me with joy and satisfied the hole I felt within me. Now I seek Him with my whole heart, and as He promises in the Bible, I find Him daily.