Chris Replogle

Back in 1994, the internet was a much different and smaller place. I was using U.S. Robotics HST 9600 external modem to navigate Cal. State University's Gopher space with a browser called Lynx. The WWW or World Wide Web as we know it didn't yet exisit and you couldn't google. We could use Archie to search FTP's & Veronica or Jughead to search Gopher which was the closest thing we had to websites.

Now days, it's a lot easier to search for anything on the net. In fact, it's not uncommon for you too find millions of results. I'm going to make this much easier for you. Well easier to find what I am publishing on the internet. I don't know why you would want to know all of this about me because I'm not famous. So if your looking for a famous Chris Replogle, you've come to the wrong page. However if you're looking for my blogs or Facebook, Twitter, etc. to keep the dossier you have on me up to date, then you will find the necessary links below.