Chris Sinton

Chris Sinton

Chris is an Internet and philanthropic trailblazer leading development of the 90’s largest e-commerce site and co-founding and leading the largest nonprofit site of the 00’s.

In 1994, at Cisco Systems, he pioneered the B2B Internet with identifying, articulating and helping create a new business paradigm, the Global NetworkedBusiness.

In 2000, as an early driver of digital philanthropy, he saw that as the Internet changed the way business was done, it had could change the way people helped each other.

Using the power of the Internet for good, Chris Co-Founded NetAid innovating with onlinevolunteering and the first mobile app for donations on the Palm VII. Chris was a founding board member of the ePhilanthropyFoundation, founded Cisco’s ePhilanthropy office, and was Co-Founder andFounding President & CEO of Networkfor Good raising $1B for nonprofits.

He’s served on boards with local nonprofits, Internet startups, and produced a documentary. He currently serves on StartOut's Board of Directors. StartOut fosters LGBT entrepreneurs. While Board Chair at StartOut he helped professionalize and scale the organization to 12,000 members,opening chapters in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.