Chris Stovall


If your church or ministry is considering running a campaign and/or you could use the resources Generis provides contact Chris by email or phone. The sole mission of Generis is to accelerate generosity toward God-inspired vision for its clients. In doing this, Generis helps them pursue their God-given mission and mandate without financial limitations. At Generis, there are four core values that drive why they do what they do: 1. Church First because of personal calling...with consultants that love and have a deep commitment to the local church. Generis consultants do what is in the best interest of the church, regardless of what it means to the consultant or Generis. 2. Second conversion to passionate generosity...the true meaning of stewardship begins with a “second conversion” to passionate generosity that changes thinking and compels people to action. In other words, a lifestyle of generosity. 3. Third strand of collaborative strength...any one Generis consultant may not have the answer, "...but we do.” Each member of the Generis team has the collective expertise, wisdom and experience of the others on the team at their disposal. This collaborative culture is one of the unique features of Generis that allows each consultant to be very present for clients, knowing that there is a solid structure of support. 4. Fourth perspective from an empowering’s not about the knowledge Generis provides because these days you can get that from a number of resources. The Generis team collectively has the perspective and insight that is gained by navigating the rapids and turns of many projects and situations. Generis clients generally have three perspectives in their mind: 1) their own, 2) key leaders, and 3) the congregation...but Generis adds a fourth perspective that comes through experience, expertise, objectivity and accountability.