Dr. Chris Welch


Some say he's a music journalist who penned the biographies of Hendrix, Cream, the Rolling Stones and many other world famous musical talents. Others hint that he was well blessed by 'mother nature' and his love-making skills are the fantasy of many women. This rumour, as strong as it is, has not been truly proven though we do know that the women who have been bedded by this talented lover have never been the same speaking of multiple and intense orgasmic adventures.

Other's say he's a secret millionaire trying to oust preconceived thoughts concerning those with hidden illnesses, mental disabilities, and bringing delight to sexually deprived women throughout the UK.

All we truly know is Chris was born on Mount Everest, his parents raised him as a wild man in the day, teaching him parables from legends of old at night. After joining the circus at the tender age of 5, Chris became famous throughout Japan, Russia, Mongolia, and Moldova for a trademark trapeze trick, 'the cherry-blossom electro orgasm squeeze'. As his popularity grew so did his Personal Assistant's breasts. Time went by and Chris then developed a nanotechnology used in mass spectrometry, with the success that ensued he managed to purchase a sex toy business, a pharmaceutical company, a well known auction website, and the conglomorates that owned it, along with a german sausage factory.

At the age of 19 Chris using his scientific expertise he then declared a secret cyber war with each of the secret services of the United States of America. His true identity is still unknown to them.

After training with the CIA Chris became a qualified assasin, his sniper skills renowned amongst certain circles. It is rumoured he is responsible for the deaths of Director Alfred Hitchcock, Aleksandr Oparin the Russian biochemist, and Oscar Romero the Archbishop of El Salvador.

Of late Chris has been building bespoke luxury space yachts for a private clientelle, and mowing his lawn as a cover for his covert and sometimes ludacrous adventures.

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    • Doctor of Science
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    • DSc MSc