Chris Worret

Hampton Roads, Virginia

My journey to mastery in business intelligence began, unknown to me at the time, decades ago in a dangerous and dusty place. I was part of a team that was tasked with planning and conducting operations with limited information. The challenges were highlighted in that this was not ‘business as usual’. Combat mission planning carries risk not of financial loss or market share reduction, but of men’s lives. I took this job very seriously, and am still involved, three decades later, in the serious business of helping companies and government teams organize for their work in a more efficient and effective manner. My feedback, coupled with many others, led to a rapid increase in capabilities centered on understanding complex environments, but those capabilities remain behind many data service providers and visualization software tools available in the commercial sector. I intend to change that, one step at a time.

It is my lifelong goal to grow in knowledge and skill in the subjects of gathering the right data, at the right time and present it in powerful ways to inform and enable good decision-making.

I am passionate about learning, about pushing my mental boundaries and adding tools to my kit to make me a powerful member of the variety of teams on which I serve. Specifically, I intend to delve into the power of social and organizational network analysis and the related fields of analytics and data organization and analysis. These are areas in which I have worked for years, but one of the persistent challenges for me, and many in my organizations, lies in sourcing and organizing data and visualizing that data in timely, relevant ways to bring individuals and groups from situational awareness to deep understanding.

  • Work
    • US Army Training and Doctrine Command, G2
  • Education
    • BS Business Administration, San Diego Christian College