Christopher Zecca

Hey there! I guess you want to know more about me, right?! Currently, I am Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in Building and Construction Technology. I was born and raised in East Hanover, New Jersey, where I live and work when I am not at school. I love to travel and in the Spring I plan to immerse myself in the Australian culture by studying Construction Management at Deakin University in Australia. When I complete my Bachelors degree, I'm not sure where I will be headed, but I will be successful in my endeavors.
Meanwhile, for the past six years I have been working at MCC, Inc., General Contractors. This work experience has taught me responsibility and specific business practices that make a company run successfully. I have also experienced the importance of leadership and time management, even if it is at 3 A.M. plowing snow or working late on weekends to get the job done. From my position, I have taken away the true meaning of hard work, and learned that it pays off if you put the time, the effort, and the determination into something you are passionate about.
One thing I sure know how to do is enjoy myself outside of the work zone. In the winter I love to snowboard, pumping my veins with adrenaline while tearing down the mountain. Then, when I get my vacation days in the summer, I spend it relaxing and hanging out on my family’s island in Canada… my background photo. I have been dedicated to taking the 600-mile drive to New Brunswick, Canada since I was born, going here at least twice a summer. This island is my own slice of paradise located in the isolated Canadian wilderness. Being surrounded by the beautiful lake, mountains, and wildlife there unleashes the outdoorsman in me. I can pretty much do whatever I desire ranging from fishing, wakeboarding, hiking, to jet skiing, reaching speeds up to 75 mph. Fishing is my favorite passion. Every trip I am determined to catch the biggest fish out of everyone and will not stop until I succeed. Typically on the lake, people catch small mouth bass, chain pickerel, and perch. But, I’m not your typical person; I not only like to go for the biggest fish, but the fish hardest to catch, which is a landlocked salmon. Scoring a landlocked salmon takes lots of patience and knowledge of the lake, and of course ill admit a little bit of luck, but when I snag one of these its by far the greatest feeling in the world. Please check out my LinkedIn, Twitter, & Instagram!

  • Work
    • MCC INC.
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst