i am Chris from Germany. I am the owner of the website where you can inform you about Fliegengitter. A Fliegengitter is a kind of insect protection and you can use it in different ways like as an Insektenschutzrollo. On this site you can find information, which types of protections you can buy. And it gives you answers to questions for example which color is the best color for such an protection or should i buy a cheap one or should i pay just a little bit more.

When i dont administer Webpages i work as an it-specialist. My main tasks are optimizing databases like mysql and oracle and maintain windows and Linux - servers.

My interests are playing computer games, reading lots of technical stuff,programming java-script and follow the development of many open source program. Further i like to work with the rendering program blender 3d - in my opinion one of the best open source programs in the world.

If i don't sitting on the computer i like to play table tennis a lot. Unfortunately, i don't have so much time for this hobby.