MB 436

MB436 or ATTA BOY as she is more commonly known is a very special boat. She is probably the last of her kind. One of the first boats commissioned by the Royal Navy with a petrol engine (now gone sadly) as a fast motor launch for battleships to transfer captains from ship to ship.

MB436 was commissioned by the Admiralty to J. W. Brooke & Co, Ltd., Oulton Broad, Norfolk. The order was placed on 27 January 1915 under Admiralty order CP75332/14 which comissioned 5 x 30ft launches. A further 7 were ordered. MB436 was despatched on 10 August 1915 to HMS Calliope to serve as a fast motor launch. Later the same year she was transferred over to to HMS Royalist.

She was at The Battle of Jutland in 1916