Hmm so lets see how I can describe myself. This isn't usually how I meet people, but I'll give it a whirl.

I moved here from the state of Florida, land of great mystery, a population of twenty-somethings mixed with 80-somethings, and ridiculous murder stories that only Florida would be known for. And also apparently bath-salt eating crazy people who chew on other people's faces too, I guess. Go figure.

I eat Taco Bell when I'm drunk. Or Mels. Whichever is closer.

I work for a social games company in the city. Everytime you buy those virtual tomatoes, I'm probably the one figuring out how I can get you to buy more. My contribution to society for the moment.

I also love to laugh and if you ask me, I find myself rather hilarious...but you'll have to be the judge I suppose...