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Carlypso ( is an innovative marketplace for owners who are looking to sell their car privately without the hassle of doing everything themselves. The Carlypso website easily allows users to upload the details for their car and then the Carlypso team handles all the groundwork in getting the car washed, cleaned and photographed, checked out by a mechanic, and even handles test drives and the final paperwork and transaction security. We will then help to find buyers, organize convenient test drives around your schedule and assist in the purchase of the vehicle. We will even arrange for a ride home after your car has been paid for!

Selling a used car is painful - you meet strangers during your free time, and then are frustrated when they make lowball offers. But if you trade your car in, the dealer will offer you up to 40% less than the car is worth. We wanted to solve this problem - we take care of selling your car for you. You get the the money of a private sale with no effort.

So why do people even go to a dealer for a car trade in if they are likely to get ripped off? Well, up until now one’s option to trade a car in was a lot simpler than trying to market and sell your car privately. When you try and sell your car yourself, it can be difficult to find the right potential buyer. And then when you have, it is an incredible effort to meet with the person, have the car inspected by a mechanic and organize a car-loan or financing. Selling a car privately can be difficult, that is, up until Carlypso! Carlypso makes selling your car privately an easier and more lucrative deal than a dealership trade in car.