I am a man of passion, of conviction, of faith. I am a man of love, of laughter and of anger. I am a man of strength, who despairs, who weeps. I am a man enraged by mans inhumanity to man and perplexed by He who seems unable to stop the madness.

I feel, touch, smell, taste and I see the good in man. In my deepest despair, somehow I know that all will be right, for I am an eternal optimist. I am compelled to hope for the best in humanity.

I weep for those who worship at the altar of ambition, for they shall leave in their
wake, their children, their loved ones, millions of orphans of success.

I am man and in my failures and in my short comings, I continue my utmost to do what is right.

I am the most unique animal in the Kingdom. I am the most intelligent and I have many faults. I am all these things and more...for I am a MAN.