Chris Crockford

Chris Crockford is a failed Astronaut, having taken part in several rounds of the European Space Agency's Astronaut recruitment selection of 2008. Growing up in the entertainment industry, he quickly developed organisational, diplomacy time management and left field thinking skills coupled with a wide range of commercial experiences.

Crockford was a UK Science Engineering and Technology Awards finalist in 2005 for his work with vision systems. He was awarded the Professional Lighting and Sound Association Award for Innovation in 2006. In 2008 whilst working as Business Development Director for McLaren F1, they won the World Championships, before winning the 2010 NESTA award for Open Innovation.

Crockford is a keen mountaineer and qualified seaplane pilot. He holds a PhD in Geospatial Rendering Systems, and an MBA specialising in Corporate Strategy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and the Royal Geographical Society.

Currently running an Innovation Consultancy defining Innovation policy for corporations, a medical device start up business bringing F1 telemetry to Cardiovascular markets and a data electronics business streaming HD media over mains electrical networks, he is available for lunch most days.