Chris de Diego

Father, Friend, and Husband in Denver, Colorado

I am a husband to the most gorgeous woman for 21 years, father to four amazing children, friend and a son. Blessed beyond what I deserve and saved by God's amazing grace.

I have been privileged to be a pastor most of my adult life working with students and youth-outreach in our cities.

I have also been a Serial Entrepreneur most of my life. I love building & growing great projects and business by leading and managing amazing teams. I enjoy growing business and creating personal relationships. My business career has taken me many places and achieved great goals, but the focus has been on relationship development and client-focused growth. I have managed many successful brands such as: Wallmart, Target, Avon, AARP, DIRECT TV, Clorox, Motorola, Samsung, eHarmony, Dish, Gerber, MetLife, Groupon, Nutrisystem, Post, Publishers Clearing House, Proactiv, Fidelity, H&M, Vonage, FTD, Ford and many others. I have a miracle baby that is a gift from God. Lacey Rose has been an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. She is my little Angel. I am blessed beyond many; I am humbled by God's grace, mercy and never-ending love for me.

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