Chris Donnelly

Lover of all things elegantly beautiful with a penchant for typography.

Lover of all things kind & logical with a penchant for sustainability.

These two things are often at odds.
I spend a great deal of time making things look and work the way they should. That "should" includes less waste, less collateral damage, and more intuition.

My game-changer was Pixelbrand Design & Marketing. It's given me the freedom to do what I love while being mindful of paper types, inks, website energy usage (go solar powered for hosting!) and to promote the good guy- so to speak.

I have somehow (read: lots of blood, sweat and luck) worked my way into a career that marries the DESIGNER and the ADVOCATE. I spend my days creating brand imagery, crafting brand story ideas that connect, and designing graphics that could make your brand sing.