Chris Fotopoulos


All started in 1983 sitting in front of my new home computer, a Canon V10 MSX Z80 with Microsoft Basic V 1.0 I remember the cassete player for writing - loading programs and the 64kb ram extension. I learned Z80 Assembly & Microsoft Basic gaining basic skills for cracking most of the computer games (life, time etc) injecting code before the game boot process. I also created lot of apps and games for this machine. After that my love for technology and computers was bigger. Buying Atari's Amigas, Mac & PC and testing every piece of software I could find in the most incredible and exciting tech Decade 1980-1990.

In 1989 I became a professional programmer and worked for many innovative software companies in Greece.

In 2001 I built Blackbox a small hightech Company.

Today I live with my wife Caterina and my daughter Myrto in beautifull sub-urban area near Athens.

Love to play Tennis with friends and also taking travelling photos.

That's me !

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