Chris Harris


Grew up in Iowa, and then moved here to Missouri. I've worked several security positions, as well as retail inventory. I thought to get into private investigating, and as such got an associates degree in criminology. Now mostly I do freelance book covers/formatting for self published authors.

I also have Crohns disease, which does rather interfere with my career prospects more than I would like to admit. In fact it has cost me two jobs already. It also puts something of a cramp on my social life, mostly in the dating department. But I've kinda given up on that now anyways, so its not a big deal anymore. After all, what chick wants to put up with someone who is constantly sick, and has an awful lot of bad days. (as anyone who is familiar with the condition is aware of)

I like to read, and have written a bit as well. I watch a lot of television, I do admit, as well as anime (which are NOT cartoons).

I'm a snappy dresser with a penchant for clothes I cant afford, military surplus, pocket watches, walking sticks, (especially when my arthritis is acting up) and collectable hats. I enjoy smoking cigars, drinking absynthe (in moderation of course), and listening to any kind of music (except rap. I cant stand rap. I think it is degrading). I also like cigarette tins, and hip flasks.

  • Work
    • Bone Idle
  • Education
    • Associates of Science in Criminal Investigations